A Detailed Study On Cable Tray To Understand Its Usefulness

Posted by Admin on June, 01, 2020

The cable tray is a brilliantly efficient tool used to handle all types of wires. Nowadays cable trays have developed to be a necessary part of industrial and commercial construction. These offer quick, inexpensive and flexible solutions to such cable handling problems.

The benefit of Cable tray
With a stranded metal barrier along the centerline to detach the power wiring from data/communication cabling, a large cable tray installation is enough. It is proficient of routing a large quantity of wiring. It heads off the prospect of a muddled mass of electrodes that are difficult to trace when variations made or faults located.

Cable trays are competent in handling all types of wiring:
• High Voltage Power Lines.
• Power Distribution Cables
• Sensitive Control Wiring
• Telecommunication Wiring
• Optical Cables

Difference between cable trays and raceways
A cable tray system is a unit or assembly of units forming a structural system used to securely fasten or support cables and raceways. While the raceways are generally mounted on a wall in a room where power and communications cables are terminated; cable trays are generally overhead or under elevated floors but carry open wiring.

Materials used to make Cable Tray:
Most cable trays are made of a corrosion-resistant metal such as
• low-carbon steel,
• stainless steel
• an aluminium alloy
• any metal with a corrosion-resistant finish (zinc or epoxy)
The selection of material for any specific installation subjected to the installation environment (corrosion and electrical contemplations) and price.
(1) Aluminium:
Cable trays made-up of extruded aluminium are every so often used for their
• high strength-to-weight ratio,
• greater resistance to certain corrosive environments, and
• Ease of installation
• being lightweight and
• maintenance-free quality
Aluminium cable trays are non-magnetic, due to which the electrical losses are reduced to a minimum. The uncommon resistance to corrosion, even in weather exposure is exhibited by aluminium due to the self-healing aluminium oxide coating that protects the surface.

Steel cable trays are manufactured from high-quality structural steels using a continuous roll-formed process. The main advantages of steel cable tray are its low cost and high strength. Drawbacks are low electrical conductivity, heavyweight, and relatively poor corrosion resistance.
The rate of corrosion will vary dependent on numerous factors like atmosphere, coating or protection used and the composition of the steel. You can buy from Cable Tray Manufacturer one that is pre-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized (after fabrication), epoxy and special paints.

(3) Stainless Steel:
Stainless steel offers high crop strength and high sidle strength, at high ambient temperatures. This metal is resistant to dyestuffs, organic chemicals, and mineral chemicals at higher temperatures. A reduced level of carbon along with higher levels of chromium and nickel serves to upsurge corrosion resistance and simplify welding.

Varieties available at Cable Tray suppliers
• GI perforated cable tray
• Ladder-type cable tray
• Multi-compartment cable tray
• Power cable tray

Why choose leading manufacturers and suppliers:

Choosing them can be a better choice as all their products are sturdy. Every variety of cable tray is available in different sizes as per the requirement of the client. They deliver the products on time also and maintain complete transparency in terms of transactions.
• Best Service
• High Quality
• Completely Trustable
• User-friendly website
• Reasonable price

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